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                                                           pictures of just some of the horses and animals I have communicated with.

pads_004[1]   Donny[1] nemo_022 alkibir_dogs_115[1]  White_Hill_Arabian_309[1] ASSORTMENT_120[1] faisal--celti_EYE_001[1] home_288[1]  moon_088[1]   White_Hill_Arabian3  celticstar  wedjat
tyler  dog william tango fox Sophie_Oct_09_E[1] Rosie Moet sparky Fenn Cheek  Picture[1]E SAM_2_MAR[1] penny_2[1] ELFIE_2_MAR[1] Sefton max_and_sarah[1] chelsea[1] Ghost Ellie Cheek Tallon
samson Ben (tb) psalm Spell Alice[1] Tia Tia harry Billy freddie cracker bess Paul-the-Octopus-4