AND HORSE AND ANIMAL HEALER (Horse Listener/Whisperer)


  Equine behavior problems can become very frustrating. For  you and your horse. I believe
that horses generally don't just "misbehave".  horses who are labeled as "naughty", "bad",
"nasty", "stubborn", "disobedient", etc. are usually just trying to communicate with us.

If they have become "nasty" or "stubborn" maybe it is because no one has been listening to them and
they have learned that this "bad" behavior is the only way to get their point across or to prevent what
is bothering them, causing them pain, fear, anxiety, stress, etc

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Don't have a Kindle, but will be buying a real copy. I took Stormie to Wales to have healing from Janine when he had been given 4 to 6 weeks to live with splenetic cancer. Janine told me he wasn't leaving this earth plane yet, and the sun would be shinning when he did leave this Earth. Stormie lived a happy life for a further 18 months and left us in August. ........xJ.E
I had taken on a new horse that I knew was the one but we were having a few issues bonding and with mounting etc, so in an attempt to try all avenues I contacted Janine on the recommendation of a friend.  She described my boy down to a tee and explained he was being stand offish as he was unsure if he was staying or not ( he had come on trial ) and that his saddle was hurting him among other things, when I next went out to him he was different – like he knew I really wanted him to stay and he really started to listen and we worked hard on bonding and got him a new saddle and things are so different.  I kept in touch to let Janine know how we were getting on and would recommended letting her communicate with your animals for you – it might make the change you have been looking for.EB x

Hi Janine, I came to you in desperation in respect of an ex-racehorse that my husband and I had bought for my daughter.  At first everything seemed fine, but then he started bronking when frightened and would do it without warning. The first time he did it she had concussion for 3 weeks. We persevered and he was going very well when unfortunately he got very badly kicked and we thought we might have to have him put down. His leg wasn't broken but he had now severe back problems amongst other things and was a complete wreck and we were looking to retire him. I knew you did distant healing and very much believed in this and asked you to help.  I sent a photo of Snoop and my daughter and within a week Snoop walked out of the stable sound and 10/14 days my daughter was able to lunge him.  However every time she tried to mount and walk him on he would bronk  - probably associating weight with pain.  Again I came to you sent the photo again and you said that he looked sad and you would work on that as well as sorting out the bronking problems.  Within one week I heard from my daughter that she was now doing jumping exercises with him, she had changed his diet and he is now going from strength to strength, so much so that she is working hard to get him super fit to do a small x-country course in March and is hoping to do some events and eventually affiliate him.  I never thought I would hear the words "I think we have a winner!" A few months ago we were retiring him, now we are planning to event him.  It is so wonderful to think that he is now feeling the way he should and enjoying himself at last and trusting Camilla who now has her confidence back. Thank you so much - you have made my Christmas. RSR

_ or you can have an email communication or phone communicaion.
Horse Healing using Reiki energy Open to students attuned to Reiki 1st 2nd or Masters degree (workshop page)A lot of Reiki healers have asked about learning how to heal and treat horses correctly so this course if for those all ready attuned to the Reiki energy.)


Horse communication and horse healing work well together and horses and most other animals love the gentle energy of Reiki. It is non invasive and takes place during the communication.
Does your horse or pony have ongoing health or behavioural problems? (only a vet can diagnoise and treat but advise can be given to help locate any issues)Are you at the stage where you dont know what to do?
Are you ready to give up on your horse or riding? Or do you just want to know more about your horse and what he thinks? his likes and dislikes? This is where a communication can help it will not cure the problem but will put you on the right track to getting it sorted.

. I have been communicating with horses all of my life, and am also a natural psychic.  Over the past 20 years I have been professionally communicating with all animals, dogs cats snakes, and lizards and also the famous 'Paul' the octopus. to name a few.  I communicate with horses in America, Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, to name a few, and in the UK. I am a Reiki Master Practioner.UKRF  SNHS Dip. Crystal Healing,  I  trained with the BHS and became an instructor BHSAI TEACHING  at pony club and riding club. I moved into natural horsemanship within the past 10 years and  have incorporated natural horsemanship, based on reward and respect.
I have worked with horses all of my life, on showing yards, jumping yards, with race horses, and riding schools. I have owned troubled horses and rescued horses over the years

The horse on the front of first book is Second Chance my dutch warm-blood x cob and Ki my rescue dog now deceased.Chance is 18 years old.
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